Style & Needs

Our style and what you need

Our style is casual, as we don’t stick to a specific riding style, as long as you and the horses are comfortable we don’t mind how you choose to ride. If you don’t know how to ride we give you good instruction before you head out and continue to do so on the trail until you feel confident.


Our saddles range from western to trail riders to endurance saddles. They are all good quality saddles fitted with sheep skin

bumnas to ensure your bum is as cozy as possible on the trail.

Our bridles are bitless bridles made of soft leather. Since most of our clients are inexperienced we don’t allow access to our horses mouths. This is a much kinder way to ride, our horses appreciate not having their lips stretched and tongues bruised by hard cold metal. This needn’t worry anyone as the horses are well trained, obedient and been riding bitless on our trails for many years. Most of our experienced riders only notice when they get back to the stables that they were in fact, riding bitless.




What to wear
For your own comfort please wear long pants as to prevent saddle chaffing and leg-hair twisting.
Wear closed shoes that won’t slip off your feet (No ladies, pumps won’t work).
Apply sunscreen and bring extra along.
Swimming gear
Extra pair of underwear in-case yours get wet swimming, as riding in wet underwear or without any is not advisable, ouch!
The horses do wear saddle bags so you can bring your camera and swimming gear along in these.
If it looks like it might rain, bring a rain jacket. We do still ride in the rain as riding in the rain is beautiful! The Brits do it all the time, but this is African rain, even better!

Bring cash as there are no card facilities on the farm.

And most importantly, bring a good attitude as with everything in life….

the ride is what you make of it!!!!