Our Horses

Allow me to introduce you to our four legged family members. There are 15 of them living with us here at Black Horse Trails. We are constantly working towards rescuing and rehabilitating these beauties. We are aware that our prices are slightly above other trail riding places, but our working horses work to feed those that have arrived here in dire need of love and care. By paying that extra R50 – R100 (in comparison to other trail businesses), you help us to help these abused/neglected/sick horses. (You are welcome to contact me anytime for an update of the horse you rode, or the one that left a major impression on you!). You will be paired with one of them depending on your and the horses riding experience.

Have a look through their pictures and descriptions and if you see one that you would like to ride, feel free to let us know when you book!

Kiara – Mama’s girl

14 years old
Lead mare

Kiara, the witch (but don’t tell her that), is my lead mare and only ridden by me or Neo. She can be very aloof but is the fast and furious on the trail. In foal to Arthur, meaning her and Arthur’s baby will be born in August/September 2018.

Haakim – Kiara’s Brother

14 years old
Carries weight up to 70kg

A treat for anyone, we are putting our nervous riders or children on him, just as much as our experienced riders, as they can enjoy the most fun canters on him.


Blaze – to be retired

Mixed breed
22 years old
Carries weight up to 50kg

Good old boy. Loves to follow and knows his job, great for kids and light weight adults. Don’t mistake his short legs for stumps as this boy can move quite fast. Like most older beings, its his way or the highway.


Arab x boerperd
15 years old
Carries weight up to 70kg

Angel can make beginners feel safe and allows experienced riders some fun. She is sensitive, responsive and a very comfortable ride.



12 years old
Carries up to 75kg

Sherlock is very opinionated and doesn’t like young riders and will put you to the test. A highly intelligent boy with a loving nature. Only suited for experienced, yet gentle riders. A rescue, too.



7 years old
Carries up to 75kg

Another very special boy that we rescued. He prefers lady riders as his past with men was not pleasant. He has super lovely gaits and is tons of fun. Should be ridden by intermediate riders that don’t bounce too much on his back.



Cross breed
16 years old
Carries 85-90kg

Golden is a massive girl with the sweetest nature. Due to her size she isn’t the fastest, but reliable and very suitable for beginners. She will definitely give you all the security you need, and is quite on Autopilot.


Arwyn – to be rehomed

Friesian cross
15 years old
Carries up to 85kg

Arwyn is a rescue and has only recently put on weight. We just started with her recently on the trails. She is a bit slow and loves eating grass while on the trail, which is not allowed.

Dara – to be rehomed

14 years old
Carries up to 65kg

Another one of our rescues, good to go with experienced clients. Level headed, without vices. She is the only one that is still ridden with a bit (aka the metal piece in her mouth), hence I want the experienced rider on.



Nooitgedacht cross
4 years old
Carries up to 60kg

Franky just comes out of training and ridden by me only so far. He will not be available for clients until I believe he is ready.



Percheron cross
5 years old

This gorgeous boy was unhandled and untrained. He is also a rescue. Was just backed and therefore, once again, is only ridden by us.




(Angel’s daughter) x Friesian
5 years old

Wonderful sweatheart, freshly out of training and super well behaved, momentarily (as you have guessed) only ridden by us. Will be used with experienced riders by summer season.



Clydesdale cross
6 years old

She is our latest rescue and also still untrained andĀ  unhandled. We are hoping to welcome her by season for experienced riders only then.


(This next bunch aren’t trail horses, so are not used for clients or riding at all)



6 years old
In foal and will give birth by August/September.



Friesian x Saddler
16 years old
In foal and will give birth by August/September.



(Lucy’s daughter) x Saddler
2 years old, going onto 3
We will have to wait quite a few years before we even can think of training her.



Arab x Boerperd x Saddler (same dad as Amber)
Rising 2 years
Gotta wait even longer, but will be so worth it!








Andrea: 082 494 5642
Email: blackhorsetrails@yahoo.com
Alternative number: 083 775 4679


From PLETT or Knysna's direction head west on the N2 towards WILDERNESS, 20km past Sedgefield and 3 km before Wilderness, just after the Caltex service station on the left is a turn off to the right HOEKWIL, take this road for 17 km, up a small pass, past Hoekwil town to BEERVLEI where you will see the Black Horse Trails sign.

From GEORGE or Mosselbay's direction head East on the N2 towards WILDERNESS, 3km after Wilderness on the left is a turn off to HOEKWIL, take this road for 17 km, up a small pass, past Hoekwil town to BEERVLEI where you will see the Black Horse Trails sign.
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