Our Horses

Our Horses

Allow me to introduce you to our four legged family members. There are 14 of them living with us here at Black Horse Trails. We are constantly working towards rescuing and rehabilitating these beauties. We are aware that our prices are slightly above other trail riding places, but our working horses work to feed those that have arrived here in dire need of love and care. By paying that extra R50 – R100 (in comparison to other trail businesses), you help us to help these abused/neglected/sick horses. (You are welcome to contact me anytime for an update of the horse you rode, or the one that left a major impression on you!). You will be paired with one of them depending on your and the horses riding experience.

Have a look through their pictures and descriptions and if you see one that you would like to ride, feel free to let us know when you book!


Kiara – Mama’s girl and lead mare

16 years old
Lead mare


Kiara, the witch (but don’t tell her that), is my lead mare and only ridden by me or Neo. She can be very aloof but is the fast and furious on the trail. Her little filly, Namaste, was born 16.10.18


Haakim – Kiara’s Brother

16 years old
Carries weight up to 70kg

A treat for anyone, beginners or experienced. Haakim looks after the beginners and especially after children. We are putting our nervous riders on him, just as much as our experienced riders. As experienced rider he will give you a good and fast canter.


Angel, for beginners IMG_20190106_104831.jpg

Arab x boerperd
20 years old
Carries weight up to 70kg



Angel can make beginners feel safe and allows experienced riders some fun. She is sensitive, responsive and a very comfortable ride.


(Al Diya aka Handsome) Ransom, intermediate to experienced rider 



9 years old

This stunning boy is our newest and probably bravest boy. At the moment everything is still an adventure to him. Brilliant for the long distance rides


Sherlock, mostly guide horse

12 years old
Carries up to 75kg

Sherlock is very opinionated and doesn’t like young riders and will put you to the test. A highly intelligent boy with a loving nature. Only suited for experienced, yet gentle riders, but very competitive and therefore mostly ridden by my son and guide, Neo. Sherlock is a rescue, too.


Judah, for our confident intermediate riders

10 years old
Carries up to 75kg


Another very special boy that we rescued. He prefers lady riders as his past with men was not pleasant. He has super lovely gaits and is tons of fun. Should be ridden by intermediate riders that don’t bounce too much on his back. He is looking for a forever home.


Franky, levelheaded horse, for the indermediate to experienced

Nooitgedacht crossFrankie-Waterfall.jpg
7 years old
Carries up to 60kg

Franky has been backed 2 year ago and was mostly ridden by me, so far. If you are experienced, you can ask him to be your mount. We rescued him when he was 1.5 years old.


Arthur, beginner to intermediate horses 

Percheron crossArthur.jpg
7 years old

This gorgeous boy was unhandled and untrained. He is also a rescue. He was backed and is now a beginner horse. Not the fastest due to his size and weight



(Angel’s daughter) x Friesian
7 years old


Wonderful sweatheart, super well behaved. Can be ridden by all.



Strawberry Shortcake, aka Berry


8 years old

Berry is at the moment only a experienced riders horse. Forward going, keen, awesome on the overnight trails.



Clydesdale cross
8 years old

She is our latest rescue and is in the process of being backed. We are hoping by Easter she will be ready for clients. Will be a weight carrier.


(This next bunch aren’t trail horses, so are not used for clients or riding at all)

Here are our youngsters, proud dad of is Arthur

Pale Ale 


born 02.09.1918 (mom Lucy a Frisian x Saddler




born 16.10.1918 (mom Kiara)