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               Rides, Guides and Prices

Opening days: Every day of the year except Christmas day and New Years day when the horses and we take a much needed break.

Times: Our overnight rides vary, depending which route you book.

 The shorter rides (1.5 hour and 3.5 hour) normally go out twice a day at 9:30 and 3:00 in summer and 10:00 and 2:00 in winter. We are flexible on our times outside of our busy times of year. 

How to book: Please e-mail us at bookings@blackhorsetrails.co.za or phone us on

 (+27) 82 494 5642 or (+27) 63 178 8634 or alternatively (+27) 84 558 9369

If you are not able to reach us because we are on a ride, please feel free to SMS or whats app us.

What info we need when you book:

  • Please let us know you levels of riding experience (Beginner, intermediate or experienced)
  • Your age
  • Your weight (Max 95kg)

Beginner – you have not ridden more then 10/20 times

Intermediate – you can at least do a rising (posting) trott

Experienced – you can handle your horse under any circumstances, you can canter comfortable and more

We can take groups of up to 7 people, if 2 are intermediate and 1 is experienced, keeping the group small and intimate.

Experienced rider options:

(Beginner and shorter rides underneath)

From Coast to Karoo (3 days)

Only for the experienced rider. Bring your own horse (very strict T&C’s apply) or use one of ours (no more then 85kg). Prices vary between different options, please contact us for more info. Please book at least a month ahead.



 For your family members that don’t ride, our overnight accommodation sleeps loads of people and they can reach us by car or bicycle.



This ride is all about the horses and your connection with them, they come before us, food, water, breaks, pace – its all about them.


Day 1 ventures out from our farm via Bergplaas and over the old trading ox wagon route to the Louvain Guest Farm. The ride is about 30km and is done in 5.5 hours. At arrival we first look after our horses and once they are comfortable, we get settled in. Before dinner we feed our horses and then have a chance to relax.



Day 2 after feeding horses and breakfast we venture a bit further into the Karoo veld and will picknic along side our steads and even see Khoi Khoi paintings. (I should not need to say that we will look after our horses first when we return to our accommodation spot).



Day 3, once again, after caring for the horses and breakfast, we set out along the oxwagon trail back to our farm. 







Whole day Mountain Trail  – R1800.-PP

Averaging about 5.5 hours of time on horse back, this is a great whole day riding escape. We stop at the upper waterfall for a nice picnic lunch while the horses drink in the cool pools. There are parts of indigenous forest and fynbos venturing high into the mountains and winding back down overlooking the farm lands far below. Near the end of the trail we cross the waterfall and rock pools where a refreshing swim and fresh water drink can be enjoyed.



 Indigenous  Trail / 1.5 hour – R400.-PP




This ride ventures into the shimmering indigenous forests, and does a nice circuit with beautiful views onto Hoekwil farm lands before returning home. There are some long straight tracks perfect for a head-clearing, cheek-flushing canter or gallop.



Rock pool ride / 3.5 hour – R650.-PP

Not available in the December Holidays (Peak Season)



This is by far our most popular ride, venturing through the cool magical indigenous forests of the Garden route national park, alive with bird calls, hanging roots, toadstools and streams. From there we reach the mountain with beautiful open views. We stop and rest at the waterfall where you can sit by the rock pools to enjoy your snacks and cool drinks.


In summer the pools are perfect for a refreshing dip



Special occasion ride / 4 hour – R850.-PP

Not available  in the December Holidays (Peak Season)

This ride is perfect for the romantics! Honey moon couples, proposing gentlemen, anniversary celebrators, birthday surprises and anyone just wanting to treat their loved one.

This ride follows the same route as the 3 hour ride to the waterfall, but on this ride it is only the trail guide and yourselves that venture out, as to create a more intimate experience. You also have longer to enjoy your partners company and picnic of home-made pates, crackers, chocolates and bubbly on a blanket at the cool rock pools.


There are very pretty private spots to lay out your picnic between the pools or next to the river so if you decide to skinny dip, your guide will be none the wiser as he holds your horses down below.

(please book at least 3 days in advance)


Our farm is situated above the Wilderness and at the foot of the majestic Outeniqua mountains.
Our rides venture into the cool damp of the mystical indigenous forests in the Wilderness national parks where the bird and animal life is abundant. The Knysna lourie, many species of raptors, monkeys, baboons and bush buck are commonly sighted on our trails along with the more elusive bush pigs and snakes who occasionally surprise us with a flash appearance. Our longer rides offer beautiful views over the mountain and farmlands.

We try to match riders with an equal amount of riding experience as to lessen the pressure for those to go at a pace one might not be comfortable with, whether too fast or too slow. Although this is often tricky as the groups that arrive have mixed levels within their group. Most of the time we can take a second guide so we can split the group in the canter areas. In our busy times over Christmas and Easter it is very tricky to give everyone the ride they prefer so we ask for some patience from you. We don’t mind taking out loan cowboys or cowgirls so feel free to book even if it is just you.

Our style and what you need

Our style is casual, as we don’t stick to a specific riding style, as long as you and the horses are comfortable we don’t mind how you choose to ride. If you don’t know how to ride we give you good instruction before you head out and continue to do so on the trail until you feel confident.


Our saddles range from western to trail riders to endurance saddles. They are all good quality saddles fitted with sheep skin bumnas to ensure your bum is as cozy as possible on the trail.

Our bridles are bitless bridles made of soft leather. Since most of our clients are inexperienced we don’t allow access to our horses mouths. This is a much kinder way to ride, our horses appreciate not having their lips stretched and tongues bruised by hard cold metal. This needn’t worry anyone as the horses are well trained, obedient and been riding bitless on our trails for many years. Most of our experienced riders only notice when they get back to the stables that they were in fact, riding bitless.


What to wear
For your own comfort please wear long pants as to prevent saddle chaffing and leg-hair twisting.
Wear closed shoes that won’t slip off your feet (No ladies, pumps won’t work).
Apply sunscreen and bring extra along.
Swimming gear
Extra pair of underwear in-case yours get wet swimming, as riding in wet underwear or without any is not advisable, ouch!
The horses do wear saddle bags so you can bring your camera and swimming gear along in these.
If it looks like it might rain, bring a rain jacket. We do still ride in the rain as riding in the rain is beautiful! The Brits do it all the time, but this is African rain, even better!

Bring cash as there are no card facilities on the farm.

And most importantly, bring a good attitude as with everything in life….

the ride is what you make of it!!!!



Me, Andrea. Before I took over and became the proud owner, I guided at Black Horse Trails for 2.5 years, riding the same trails and working with the horses I have today. My dear ex-employer used to say that I know the horses and rides better than my own child. Should you ask Neo that question  he will agree and therefore tell  you that you are in good hands!IMG-20180622-WA0032.jpg

Neo does almost as many rides as I do and is a great guide. With his knowledge of animals in the area, he can identify and tell you about some of the animals you MIGHT spot.

We also have a loan cowboy that accompanies either one of us.